re: USA Presidential Election

We elected a new United States President in the early hours of the morning. This is not new to the American people, and the emotions felt by all are not new either. One clear issue that we all face as a nation is severe division. Politics can bring out the worst in people and can cause great division. Elections can unearth many of the issues that some thought were no longer embedded in our republic. I want to remind you that before any of us are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and etc. we are Christians! Our devotion to Christ isn’t negated during a presidential election. As your pastor, I humbly ask that you refrain from unhealthy, vengeful rhetoric that divides instead of unifies. Please remember that our main objective is preach the Gospel, but most importantly, we are called to LIVE IT!
I am a lover of politics, but I must always remember that Christ is still King no matter who sits in the Oval Office or who stands in the chambers of the Senate and the House. You must remember that as well.
Based on Psalm 125, we must pray that those who trust in the Lord will not be shaken. Based on Romans 12:12, we must rejoice in our confident hope and keep praying. Based on 1 Timothy 2:1-2, we must pray and intercede for all those in authority so we can live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. Based on Psalm 22:28, we know that kingship belongs to the Lord, and He rules over the nations. Based on Proverbs 21:1, we can rest assured that the leader’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord, and He turns it however He desires.
Please keep your mind stayed on the Lord! Remain prayerful and stay focused on the Great Commission! It would do you well to go pray and realign your focus back on Jesus Christ. Don’t allow for your Christian witness to be tainted because of loose and reckless conversation. And please examine your heart to make sure this election, a particular candidate, and/or a particular party hasn’t become an idol in your life. If you find yourself speaking more about the election today than you do meditating in the Word and sharing Christ, then it’s safe to assume that it’s become an idol that must be destroyed.

And please do not forget about the exhortation given last Sunday. This is the time to pay off the debt we've accumulated and store up for the drought that's to come. Let's be wise.
Remain focused!
-Pastor Cornelius