Walking with a Cane

Some months ago I had the honor and privilege of praying over a woman after I preached who was walking with a cane. She slowly walked to the altar as if there was a new surge of pain with each step. But there was hope and determination in her eyes. Her faith was sure, and she was confident that God would heal whatever was ailing her. After prayer she turned around and walked away, but she was still leaning on and using her cane.

Some months had passed. I had forgotten about the entire situation until one Tuesday night when I saw her sitting in the audience while I taught in our bible study. After I finished teaching and put the podium away, she stepped forward towards me. Something was different about her. She was missing something that she needed to have before. I couldn't quite make out what was different until she walked up, gave me a hug, and asked me if I remember praying and believing that God would heal her. I couldn't help but continue to think what was missing. Then she asked me to look over where she was sitting. There sat the cane she needed to use to walk. She said she hadn't used it in weeks, BUT she continued to carry it with her just...in...case.

We rejoiced for a moment over what Jehovah Rapha had done. What stuck out most wasn't that she didn't have the cane, but what she said following her admission that she no longer needed it. She told me that she lived in another state, but she needed to be close to her family for support since she couldn't get around as well as she'd like. She was afraid that something would happen to her if she was alone because of her physical condition. She desperately wanted to return home, but her lack of balance kept her from having the confidence to return.

I thought her physical healing was what we were after, but it was something much deeper for her that God needed to heal. She ended up telling me that she was finally ready to return home! Why? Well, her knowing that she no longer needed the cane healed her of fear and grew her confidence in God. She no longer felt like she was alone. She wasn't returning home with just a healed body, but she was also returning with a healed mind.

Oftentimes we go to God expecting Him to do one thing, but He has mind on doing something we weren't thinking of. The lady went to God for healing for her body, but she returned with much more. This is the God we serve. We go to Him with our brokenness, and He restores, renews, and returns us in a better condition than how we came. He is more valuable than the all the galaxies combined because the creation is never more valuable than the Creator. Therefore, you can only imagine the value ascribed to those He touches with His mighty hand. I'm convinced that God placed His hand on the lady, and she was healed. The cane she once needed to walk and lean on has become a reminder of His grace, love, and mercy. God removed the object with Himself. He became the strength in her steps, the balance she depends on, and the cane she leans on.

I don't know what your cane is in your life, but I do know that God still heals. And you can fully expect that He will heal whatever is dis-easesed in the body, and He will transform your soul as well. He will heal your mind and lead you back to the paths of righteousness. Cry out to Him. Have faith in Him. Then serve Him all the days of your life.